A Day in the Life of Dementia

by Chorea

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Robert Schönhoff
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Robert Schönhoff Listen to this intro sample and tell me you can´t love this record and I´ll tell you you´re a moron!
Chorea create a sound somewhere between Tangaroa and Isle of Man, which means that I love them. Creative riffing meets dynamic song structures, making a record that won´t get boring. Favorite track: A Day in the Life of Dementia.
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Philthy metal from one of the philthiest place in PA.


released October 1, 2010




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Chorea Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chorea is a 5 piece metal band from Philadelphia, PA. With a distinct musical style developed by fusing grind, death metal, math metal and a hint of jazz, Chorea constantly pushes the momentum of metal music forward. The passion, determination and dedication portrayed by each member makes this band an immense driving force capable of wreaking havoc on any obstacle set in its path. ... more

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Track Name: A Day in the Life of Dementia
Aaaaa…what do you want from me
Every inch that may be
Pulled apart

Ominous - past, shattered like - glass
Please turn the page
Rage like the fire that burns underneath
Altered, Altered, Altered, Altered

Let me out
Burn my doubt
Please release…me

Here one day, and gone the next
When I rip the skin, where is the context?
Come back, I’m ready for more…Is this pain or displeasure?
I’m ready to weather the front of resistance

Goddammit here comes the surge
How can I suppress the vicious urge
Run for your life, run for your life, run for your life, fun for your life, fun for your life

Master Painter
Where’s your aura?
Track Name: The Deathwish Manifest
Destiny beyond the grave
Wishful thinking of the brave
One illusion, my confusion
It’s all the same

Down, teems the rain
It washes over me like tears from your face
It’s all the same

Don’t cry for me! It’s all your fault

My own flesh and blood…like a thief in the night
Coveting the one who sleeps by my side
Blood that fills my eye as you enter my thought
This I will never forgive

I hear… your cat calls
It reeks… of your pulse
I wish to peel the skin from your lying face
I wish to see your heart as it starts to fade

A seizure, heart attack
I add to the list of your demise
Track Name: History of the World - Part II
War of the world
Spit in my gene pool
And watch the earth unfold

Beg and plead, to no avail

Dull the spark of your glory
And instigate
The instinct to expose all those
That come before me

Titan of disease
Wisdom of defeat
Retribution born in the slum
Minds ripped at the seam

Reap in lands of woe
Nature that unfolds
Derelicts that run the world
In cities made of gold

War of the world
Spit in my gene pool
And watch the earth unfold

Please doctor, please heal the sin
The mortal enemy within

Mortal, even in my skin

Deep inside the womb
Nemesis that dwell
Feeding off your doom
Stored in festered wells

Where’s the line? I don’t care!
Track Name: Scabby Pink Panties
Limited conscious
River of silence
Go on, take the bait
My passion of the eye

I want you next to me
Always in my sight

A peak at seduction
Desired forever

Carnal desire, the flesh, the skin
Withhold refrain, one touch within

Resolute difference of the abstract
Negative influence to hold back
Woe overloads the synapse
Woe overloads the synapse

So ungrateful is the abstract
Lest we forgive the accustomed
A soul memento…reminder of
A failed compassion…nobody else but

God can break the mold
Cherished forever in visions that cannot be told
Taste the life within
Born from her presence, a beauty that’s deep from within

Contact, contact, contact, contact

Let Me Out!
Track Name: Beneath the Fault Line
Burn…take me to the water
Leave me on the edge
…take me to the water
Leave me on the edge
Sympathy, all deprived, legacies, all must
Burn…take the opposition
Leave it on the edge
…take the opposition
Leave it on the edge

Dig…even deeper
The earth will swell, cataclysmic
Your breath that eats the sin

Grind…severed aura
Crushed by the wrath, paralytic
Nature recalls the skin

We live like animals.
Bless your soul
The beast within that nature folds

Burn…take me to the water
Leave me on the edge
…take the opposition
Leave it on the edge of poverty
All must burn!